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The Daily Rotation - Limitless Blu-ray Review

Jeremy of the Daily Rotation wrote, "Ever wonder what would happen if you could take a drug that would make you the best version of yourself? Giving you super human abilities that would help you become smarter and faster, always one step ahead of everyone? Limitless is that idea on film. Director Neil Burger fully embraces the thought of a super drug and he transfers it to film, but with a few flaws. The visuals are the real key in this film. The opening is very cold and lifeless with lots of washed out and shaded colors, but once Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) takes the drug, his world becomes brighter, more vivid and full of life. The transformation between these two states of being is one of the main positives in Limitless. Burger shows us what this drug does to an average person, he does everything he can from an interesting camera zooming technique to letters falling off the ceiling when Morra is typing his book. Everything that can be shown is shown and it really helps you believe the story and more importantly, like the story."

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SRC3735d ago

Really ended up loving the ending of this film, glad they didn't cop out on this one.