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Marvel Aquires The Punisher & Blade Rights

Expect to see a lot of Blade & The Punisher over the coming years as Marvel have reportedly bought back the rights to both franchises having in the past licensed out rights before they actively became involved in making their own movies.

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darklordzor3547d ago

Yeah the Blade rights is new (and awesome) but they announced at last year's SDCC that they got the Punisher rights back, so that one's not that new. Even though it's fairly exciting, I'm not expecting them to work on a new film for either of them any time soon.

alycakes3546d ago

I'd like to see them do a new Blade sometime soon. I'm not so sure about Punisher...I wasn't crazy about the last one. I liked Thomas Jane in the first one but the guy they got for the second one was terrible.

Chucky20033545d ago

lol,the third Punisher with Ray Stevenson was the best,it was violent,dark,less talk and more action,exactly what the Punisher is all about,the second movie with Thomas Jane felt like it was for kids,and they talked to much

Kurylo3d3545d ago

funny thing is the movie man on fire came out at the same time as the punisher in theatres.. And it really showed that man on fire is what punisher should have been.. especailly for torture. I mean cmon... who tortures someone by pretending to torture someone with an icepop... corny....

alycakes3545d ago

You see I never saw that first one and I forget it exists...I guess I need to see it.

xVeZx3545d ago

they should do blade as soon as possible...vampires are hot right now

Sahil3545d ago

who cares about these two.. i want a new hitman movie :P

Soldierone3545d ago

I love Punisher. The story and style of the last Punisher was awesome. I just didn't like the actor so much, would much rather them bring back Thomas Jane....

I think they are better off tossing Punisher in a few other movies before giving him another movie. And when they do the other movie they should do it comic book style. Like your standard Punisher story has been done a billion times in Hollywood, change it up, give him a new style, and have that be what pushes him out.

Kurylo3d3545d ago

or you can keep the story, and have someone like tony scott direct it... so its not corny and weak.

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