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( Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Arcee: From the start, I want to be completely honest with everyone regarding my feelings towards the Captain America: The First Avenger film and more precisely, the character of Captain America. Ever since I was a young boy collecting comics, I was always drawn to the Captain America character from Marvel Comics. That Captain America stood for everything good about being a patriot, even if it meant sometimes not stepping in line with what the government asked of him, inspired me from a very young age. It inspired me to join my high school’s Junior Air Force ROTC program and inspired me to enlist in the military as soon as I was old enough to. As fate would have it, a severe leg injury would prevent me from actually joining the military. But the aspects of being a patriot for my country still lingered in me due to the inspiration I had from the character.

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alycakes3745d ago

I really loved this movie and the characters in it. It was inspiring and I found myself smiling at times thru the movie just because it was a feel good movie. It was sad in a way how it had to end but still showing that he was being true to who he was as a true patriot and just a good human being.

I also enjoyed the small clip at the end of the movie too even though I had already seen it here...I made my husband wait until after the credits.

Arcee3744d ago

Like with the comic book, I found myself inspired by the film. The best parts of the film, where Evans delivered the most, was when he was just being Steve. Even through the Cap persona, who he was before was the best part of his character.

And yes, the extra at the end was amazing. Even though I had also seen it here before, I still watched it as well.

Soldierone3744d ago

There be spoilers ahead!
Talking about the end. I think it would of been a better film if it ended where the screen went black. SPOILER Before he woke up...

More spoiler fun I know they did it simply to push the Avengers and get that glimpse in. However they could of "ended" it then left the Avengers part after the credits (rather early) then followed the entire credits with the trailer.