Amusement Park Rides That Should Get Movies

TMP: "The recent announcement that the Matterhorn in DisneyLand would be getting its own movie got me thinking. With Pirates also being a very successful franchise, what other rides could Hollywood take advantage of and make movies out of? After a ton of research and a sudden desire to go to an amusement park, I’ve come up with 6 theme park rides that could make awesome movies."

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Garethvk3546d ago

Great point. I was just at Disneyland this weekend and I came up with a few myself.

Tower of Terror was already done with Steve Guttenberg.

Space Mountain is a given.

Big Thunder Mountain would be great sort of an Apple Dumpling Gang Update.

I heard Jungle Cruise is being looked at with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

Soldierone3546d ago

Ahhh....I looked for a full day trying to find a movie based off it. It wasn't a big release, so it had to be searched specifically. Either way I think it could still use a better movie?

darklordzor3546d ago

Hmmm...I'm a big chicken and so don't ride a whole lot of different rides. For the most part I stick with my water rides. Though I doubt anyone is jumping at the chance to make: Log Ride the movie!

Garethvk3546d ago

Well in a round about way, Splash Mountain was a movie they just cant release it ever. New Star Tours and Space Mountain crimped my back up as being 6'4 those rides were not made for me but I made it through as I always do.

Water rides are amazing, we did Grizzly Rapids twice in a row at night while the fireworks went off. You do not always see the water until it hits you.

Soldierone3546d ago

Dang I didn't even think to do that. Its a pain to do anything at DisneLand when the fireworks are going off, and I think its dumb. When you go there for 3 to 5 days, you see them once, and you no longer care. I rather get on two or 3 rides instead.

Since Cal Adventures now has that Fantasmic stuff, Im going to try and get on the rapids ride while they do it.

Also Splash Mountain wasn't listed because it is based off a movie as is. However I guess you could just put "log ride" in general.

Arcee3546d ago

There have actually been talks with the NAACP about Disney releasing the film Song of the South (the movie basis for Splash Mountain). So far they are still a ways away from an agreement, but that they are willing to listen now is a big step in it being released.

Arcee3546d ago

Well, I would completely scrap that the Haunted Mansion (cringe) and Tower of Terror (double cringe) were already movies and list them to be made. I also would like to see Jungle Cruise (which has been announced as starring Tim Allen and Tom Hanks). I would like to see Space Mountain get a movie. Also, just because I think it would be a good animated family film if done right, It's A Small World.

manilovefilms3545d ago

In ten years, Nic Cage will be starring in Autopia. Mark it.

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