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Why Studios Need to Embrace Netflix

A look into the Netflix model to determine if streaming movies online is the future of film distribution, or if it will hurt the movie industry?

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Soldierone3746d ago

The only thing hurting the film industry is the fact the companies are so greedy. Netflix isn't and they think "lets off at the lowers possible price, and give them what we can." Meanwhile the studios are the complete opposite thinking "How can we make every last possible penny get into our hands?"

I think Netflix is the future. I love Netflix and its perfect for me to find new movies I never would touch on shelves, and thats what the movie industry needs. I think if the service improved a little to better advertise movies and explore new interest it would be ten times better.

Another thing it may possibly need is the ability to rent new movies with a new service. For example if you can pay an extra 5 dollars a month and watch new movies, but maybe only once or twice per week? OR you can pay 2 dollars and rent the new movie for the night.

The reason VOD doesn't work for me, or buying movies digital, is they are the same price or MORE expensive than just buying the disc. Its like what 5 or 6 dollars to rent a VOD movie? It only lasts 24 hours. Thats stupid when you can go to Blockbuster, spend the same amount, and keep it for 7 days. Hell go to Redbox, spend only a dollar, and keep it for the night.

The future of movies rests in different areas. 1 better quality movies. 2 How easy it is to discover these new movies and easily accesible it feels, such as Redbox and netflix. 3 a better theater experience, its obvious projection and sound systems are no longer enough and 3D still feels gimmicky.

End of the day, these studios are shooting themselves in the foot by being greedy. period.