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Where Have all the Event Movies Gone Asks Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed asks where the epic event movies of the past have gone. They cite that while we have had hit films the ones that are pop culture events have been sadly lacking in recent years.

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Soldierone3547d ago

I think movie quality is overall just low right now. Its all about visuals, not so much story, and story is what really grabs the attention. Super 8 was a fantastic movie, but it still didn't hit the mark for me. Inception was a good one though.

However I have to disagree with the future looks bleek part. What about Avengers? Dark Knight Rises? Spider-Man? They all are gaining attention (as noted) and look to be fantastic, but their focus is on a story and something that hasn't been done yet. Mostly Avengers though, and that is going to change comic book films. It could possibly draw in the REAL stories, which in return will create the event films. You can't have the event films if Hollywood is constantly scared to leave the damn origin stories.

Imagine if DC and Marvel went and said "reboot it" after every 3 or 4 issues....the heroes would not be icons AT ALL. Why would it be different for movies?

Garethvk3547d ago

I did not say it looked bleak, I cited those films and possible event films.

I think for Marvel it is 3-4 films then lets make money with a reboot which means more toys.