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Shock Til You Drop Interview: It's Ghost Rider...Nicolas Cage

Early in 2012, Nicolas Cage will be returning as Johnny Blaze in
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, but this time he'll be playing Ghost Rider as well in what's bound to be a wild ride with Marvel's supernatural hero by Crank directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

We spoke to Neveldine/Taylor here, co-star Johnny Whitworth here, now, click on the player below to hear Cage discuss the upcoming film which opens February 17, 2012.

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alycakes3736d ago

Now this interview really explain the concept of the second movie. You can't have a remake if Johnny Blaze has been living with this curse for 5 years already as he states at the beginning of the interview. That's why Ghostrider is having to deal with so much more darkside issues this time.

It does hold more true to the comic book which is what they wanted to do anyway. The comic is darker and I'm sure it will be a better version but it contines five years after the last one.

DarkBlood3735d ago

so its a sequal after all then?

alycakes3735d ago

The way he's explaining it here it is. It can't get any plainer than that...he clearly says that it's been 5 years that Johnny Blaze has been dealing with caring the curse of the Ghostrider that he took from the Devil and now he's trying to deal with the dark side of it....soooooooo sounds sequel to me.

DarkBlood3735d ago

ah ok so though what your saying sounds like a sequal to me i think i understand now and its like this

its a *reboot or remake however they call it* as the first movie is pretty much an origins with how it all started and at the end he goes away leaving all that he knows behind cue 5 years later as the path gets darker when he lives with this curse

now in terms of remake as im guessing its likely to be the origin is cut short youll probably get a little backstory similiar in the way of superman then cue 5 years later when the real adventure and story happens

does this make sense at all lol :P?

alycakes3735d ago

Makes a lot of sense that way. You know how they like to do the back stories but you can't erase him having the curse 5 yes, you said it pretty good.