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Sneak Peek: Gerard Butler In 'Machine Gun Preacher'

USA Today:
Gerard Butler has never shied away from real-life warriors, both heroic (Spartan ruler Leonidas in 300) and villainous (the heinous Hun in Attila).

But as the God-fearing, firepower-toting Sam Childers in Machine Gun Preacher, opening Sept. 23, the Scottish actor plays a man whose ongoing 13-year quest to end atrocities committed against the children of Sudan sometimes places him on the moral divide between right and wrong.

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alycakes3736d ago

Gerard Butler has a wild, playboy lifestyle reputation in Hollywood when he's not filming movies but when he works, he gets a lot of respect for his acting.

He puts a lot of himself into the parts that he plays when he does movies like this. This is going to be a movie worth watching. It's a true story and that always draws me in. Then Gerard Butler is one of the best dramatic actors out there right I will be seeing this movie.