Sarah Connor To Return In Terminator 5

The director attached to the reboot of the Terminator franchise Justin Lin has hinted he wants to bring back a central aspect of the movies which has been greatly missed in Sarah Connor.

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alycakes3746d ago

I don't see why that wouldn't work in some way or another. Back flashes always have a way of coming into these type of movies anyway so she could be involved that way.

Soldierone3746d ago

I found the Sarah Connor Chronicles to be interesting, and she has an interesting character.

I hate the fact Hollywood is like a trigger happy criminal. One thing goes wrong, even if its the slightest thing in the world, and BAM! Reboot. Didnt make enough money? Reboot. Didn't get more fans? Reboot. cant be creative enough to make a good story? Reboot. Its annoying as hell.

We know your writers can make origin stories, its not friggin hard.

However being the last Terminator movie with Bale was the most boring action movie I have watched, next to Battle LA, I already lost interest as is.

Arcee3745d ago

I still have hope for this franchise. I don't see why a total reboot would be needed, but if they could work out some way to bring back Sarah Conner, even if just in a flashback, I think it would really work.

alycakes3745d ago

Agreed..I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. Don't care much about Arni coming back or not but do care about getting another Terminator movie made...loved them.

krazykombatant3745d ago

Why go back to a reboot, i thought we were doing well with the last one.

pijinio2123745d ago


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