Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Episode 9: Cyrax & Sektor

The newest episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy that was shown at Comic-Con. This episode focuses on the Lin Kuei warriors Cyrax and Sektor. This episode also features mostly unknown fighter Hydro.

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DarkBlood3746d ago

thats gotta be somewhere close to movie budget, something tells me the movie is a go secretly but that was pretty good hyrdo i thought was completely machine and gave cyrus and sektor a hard time but the blood debunked it lol

Soldierone3746d ago

I take it all their budget money and effort went into this one lol...i saw some minor things, but it was by far the best one i have seen. I missed a couple in the middle, so I can't officially say that just yet .

gmdoat3745d ago

I thought this episode was the most action packed episode yet, but the BEST(in my opinion) as far as story goes is definitely episodes 7 and 8: Scorpion and Sub-Zero, lot good stuff in those episodes.

darklordzor3745d ago

Yep, I agree. The Scorpion and Sub-Zero episodes may have lacked on the action, but it was the first time in the webseries that I actually felt a good story was in place.

Honestly, the series had me worried for a movie until those two episodes. I mean, there just wasn't any good storytelling going on, and I feared that a movie would be the same. Just a bunch of characters with a little bit of intro and no real story. The Scorpion episodes gave me some hope that that wouldn't happen.