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Captain America Grounds Harry Potter and Friends With Benefits at Box Office

MovieStinger: "Captain America: The First Avenger launched with the best superhero movie opening this year. Its $65.8 million debut just skin-of-your-teeth barely edged out Thor‘s $65.7 million for another title as well: biggest opening this summer for a non-sequel." Top 5 after the break.

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alycakes3737d ago

I'm glad it did well. I guess Harry Potter had to slow down sometime. It went crazy there for a while.

Soldierone3737d ago

There was hardly anyone going into any Harry Potter theaters all day when I went. We also stood in line outside the theater for Cap for nearly 2 hours or more. Right across the hall, and right down the hall were 3 Harry Potter theaters. One let out and a bunch of people left, but after that I saw maybe 6 people walk into each. I wasn't paying attention the whole time, but it wasn't a lot.

Meanwhile Cap had a line at every theater right through the 11PM sunday showing....

Sahil3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Woah... didn't expect that, maybe with more new superhero movies, the number will go higher and higher.