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SDCC: The Hulk from The Avengers Concept Art Revealed

Concept art for The Hulk from the upcoming Marvel universe movie, The Avengers has been revealed at this year Comic-Con in San Diego.

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DarkBlood3746d ago

this hulk looks more like something i seen from anime or someone might of from the comics

i guess that new ish hulk movie few years back wont be used for the avenger? so new actor or something i wonder

UnSelf3745d ago

Norton as Bruce Banner

Ang Lee as Director

This New Hulk as Hulk

= Perfect Hulk

Quagmire3746d ago

This new Hulk looks like a retarded older version of Nortom's Hulk.

But yeah, I suppose the change was necessary to compensate the for the change in actors. Still wouldve preferred Norton back for this film.

krazykombatant3746d ago

He looks like an angry wrinkly old man...

frelyler3745d ago

I don't think the first two people who commented speak English. Not being a jerk, but seriously the grammar is so bad I can't even comprehend what you are trying to say. I will say that I agree with what I think Quagmire is trying to say, yes Norton will be missed and keep it from having continuity with characters. I hate it when studios have to change the actor in the same film universe. Oh well, I have faith based on what they have done so far.

DarkBlood3745d ago

i speak english dude its my first language, hard of hearing and learning disability affects me but i know i might not make sense but i dont see anything wrong with what quagmire said

frelyler3744d ago

My bad, but you typed your second comment perfectly and clearly.

Cerberus293745d ago

Looks like they're going all the way back to the original comic book look from the 60's. That could be good, really need to see how good the CG will be In action before passing judgment.

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