Comic-Con 2011: 'Fringe' Panel Recap

The Collider:
The Fringe Panel opened with what appeared to be an ordinary ol’ boring sizzle reel. Events from the previous season played out across the screen: the battle between two universes, Olivia trapped on the “other side”, Broyles barking out orders, Walter attempting to save the day, Astrid assisting… all the characters given a moment or two (Lincoln Lee, Nina Sharp, Charlie Francis) everyone except the male lead of the show. Peter Bishop was nowhere to be found. His de-existence branching out to the very marketing of the show. What happened to Peter? How will he be brought back into existence (i.e. on the show)? Can he be? For the answers to these questions, hit the jump.

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alycakes3746d ago

They better find a way to bring Peter back because it just won't be the same without him. Afterall, he has a son could he have had a child if he didn't exist? I guess they will think of something but it's very upsetting when they do something like that on a series.


Guess you didn't read the piece, looks like he might be back as an observer. Pretty crazy, really interesting can't wait till the new season begins.

alycakes3745d ago

Yeah, but what I meant was the real Peter as him self. If they bring him back as an observer then he couldn't be the baby's father....that wouldn't be logical. I'm kinda like Spock..I only deal in logic and they just can't do that unless they bring the real Peter back and everyone remember who he is and was.