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Nicolas Cage on Ghost Rider Reboot

Nicolas Cage spoke earlier today of the "Nightmarish" and "Darker" Ghost Rider reboot, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

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alycakes3748d ago

It's not a reboot. This is after he's decided not to give his curse back to the devil and continue to be Ghostrider he goes thru a darker side of the curse of Ghostrider.

bigsyuk3748d ago

Its a reboot due to having new directors, writer, complete new cast, the only thing that ties it to the first is cage.

DarkBlood3747d ago

im so confused from the top 2 commenters so which is it? lol :P

personally i thought it was a sequal because of cage being in it and the fact that he goes away in the end

but then again bruce campbell is starring in the reboot of evil dead so yeah

but of course this means an origin again so im used to this i think but they could make that shorter this time but i really hope this isnt a reboot but a sequal cuz i liked the first

big ass post i know lol

moviecricket3747d ago

I'm so confused, i thought it was a reboot? Which is why people were shocked Cage was still to play the Ghostrider

bigsyuk3747d ago

It was the studio that classed it as a reboot, they were not happy with the original version as it had a bad box office run, and fans were not impressed so they literally went back to the drawing board.

It cannot be classed as a sequel as nobody but cage returns, and the story doesnt rely on the first Ghost Rider, this has also been confirmed by Cage in a few interviews, its a redo, and to qoute Cage "It's a reimagination of the first"

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The story is too old to be commented.