Gman Reviews | "Captain America: The First Avenger" Is A BoringOrigin

The Marvel Universe has many heroes in its wheelhouse, the most popular of the bunch being Spider-Man, but I believe the one that the studio truly always wanted to be their go to guy was Captian America. The character was based on numerous real life failed projects that were worked on during WWII. On the German side of the story there was a lot more fiction conjured up by creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, but overall they did base their origins in what actually happened, or at least what both scientific divisions of the Americans and the Germans wanted to happen.

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gaden_malak3548d ago

wow...wonder if someone is looking for hits?

Sarobi3548d ago

There is quite a lot of people who say they were bored with the film

Arcee3548d ago

Just can't please some people I guess. You must be part of the minority who didn't like the film. Generally more people were pleased with it than not. Especially around comic book circles.

Garethvk3548d ago

I did like it but I agree it was fairly boring. We have not had an event summer film in many years. Potter is the closest this year. That being a film people would pay to see again and again.

Soldierone3547d ago

I agree with the "event summer film" but not the Harry Potter part. It basically plummeted its second weekend.

alycakes3547d ago

No...I'll see Captain America again. I always see the movies I like more than once on the big screen and I liked it very much. I saw it with my husband and now I'll see it with my sister and I may even go see it again with someone else....sometimes I never know how many times I'm going to see a movie before it leave the theater.

There was one movie once that I saw about 8 times before it went to the dollar movie. I kept telling people about it and they'd want to go see it and I'd go with them.

Soldierone3547d ago

Only movies I saw more than twice in theaters in recent times was Tangled and The Dark Knight.

BTW I got Sin City like you suggested, haven't watched it yet, but I do have it. Plan on watching it soon.

alycakes3547d ago'll enjoy it.

Soldierone3546d ago

I loved it. It had a few "funny" moments that were not supposed to be funny, but it was so well done. I honestly can't believe i went this long without seeing it. How it tied everything together in a bow...I was kinda hoping the writing would make the characters clash a little harder than a simple glimpse at the bar, but it was still awesome.

I honestly want behind the scenes for that because I want to know how it was done.

alycakes3546d ago

I knew you was different wasn't it? I liked the comic book images and they way they played out the scenes narrarating them out while the character is playing it out....hope the second one is even better because I think it could have been much much better.

Soldierone3545d ago

I'm hoping they don't go all visuals on us. Thats what i loved about it. Like the cars and such. They shaded them so they looked good, but a lot of the visuals were "cheesy" and to me that added to the effect of the movie.

Other than the odd character moments, like when he was squeezing his teeth in the third story, the only thing i didn't really like is how it pulled the same card out constantly.(spoiler) Shot, think he's dead, nope he comes back. The second story was so awesome though, I loved when he got put in the chair "is that all you got?"

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