Independent Review: You Have Your Idea - Now What?

Many people can write a script they're happy with and eager to shoot, but just how do you go about doing that?

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Soldierone3747d ago

This was an interesting read, but it still brings up the issues I have. I am a screenwriter, but at times I want to make my own film. I can get my hands on equipment, I can do the behind the scenes stuff, but there are other things I am just outright un capable of doing.

The film students at my school....well I rather not work with 90 percent of them, end of story lol. They don't even know the importance of a script. Then I go try to find help on my own and no one is reliable. no one I know can act so I can't just go and do what the kids in Super 8 did. I usually end up trying to act and direct and as a young wannabe film maker thats hard as hell. People don't like to listen to me. I have tried to come up with ideas centering around one or two people, but it always ends up needing 4 or more.

Then their is the visual side of things. My idea's require some visual effects that I can't do but would love to learn...I have raw footage of a short we did that requires houses turning into Lego's, its all edited and put together but lacks that effect.

As for the article it brings up a great point that almost everyone my age overlooks. Paperwork. It said it, now Im saying it. Its not fun to do, but when your making a film and get in the middle of things it will be the greatest thing you have ever done.

I guess if you have the money to create a good budget then you would be fine and this is great. However if you are a college student, money is always an issue and you don't really have the ability to go toss a couple thousand dollars into a project.

SRC3747d ago

That's the basis of this article, to find out as a director, what exactly you need. When you can get a good handle on the paperwork, you can then see how many positions need to be filled.

From there, it may be a lot of research and may take you a while, but talented, creative people are everywhere. Too many people rely on their friends to help them when their friends have no passion for filmmaking. There are people, probably in your area, that are passionate about making good films.

See, outside of school, money is an even bigger issue. Starting out,you have none, and no one is willing to give you any. This is why you must have low budget alternatives, and ways of "creative producing" items you need for your production. And it's all about organization.

Once you get money,everything becomes an even bigger headache, because money is flying out the window by the second. Do it by yourself first, with no money, and add each element you can each time you can, each time you come across someone that has something to offer.

Soldierone3747d ago

I think my major issue is I think too big. Not like Transformers big, I leave that epic multi-million dollar budget stuff to my scripts. However I see these videos and what not all the time that center around like two or three people. The entire film is really simplistic. I need to start doing that.

I also think its my own inability to do certain things on my own. I don't want to be the one bossing people around, I need a assistant director that see's my vision and can do that for me. I never really went and did a full fledged film either, so maybe I have yet to actually try hard enough.

SRC3746d ago

My next article will be tips on securing crew members, and how to get the most out of people that may not otherwise know what they're doing.

SRC3741d ago

Next article is up! check it out.