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Underworld Franchise Gets Box Set With Anime Shorts

Today, at the Screen Gems panel at SDCC '11, Les Wiseman announced that we'll be getting even more of the Underworld universe to look forward to.

Speaking on the panel for Underworld Awakening, Wiseman told us that they've created a series of anime shorts based on the Underworld universe.

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alycakes4039d ago

I think that's wonderful. Underworld is the first real vampire/werewolf movie that I really thought was done the way vampires and werewolves should really exist and act. The world Les Wiseman created is a lot more interesting than most vampire movies.

JL4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I really enjoy the franchise too. Helps that I'm absolutely in love with Kate Beckinsale (especially Kate Beckinsale in a skin tight latex outfit) lol.

Ideally, though, I prefer my vampires to be actual monsters. Straight up malevolent predators. I think '30 Days of Night' did it best.

But still I really enjoy the Underworld franchise and it is one of my more favorite vampire franchises (on some days I might even say I enjoy it more than the Blade franchise). While not my ideal take on vampires, it's still vastly better than lovey-dovey sparkly vampires.

On a side note, it was funny hearing Beckinsale take a jab at Twilight at the panel.

alycakes4038d ago

She did? Oh I wish I could have been there to hear that....and I agree with you on that 30 Days of Night being the real deal.

Bet you are having the time of your life. Beckinsale is a doll and that outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination so I see what you mean....enjoy.

JL4037d ago

Yea its been fun. But very exhausting which makes me kinda glad its over lol Though the plane ride home tomorrow night is long and tiring.

And yes she did. In fact I heard many jabs at Twilight over the week. Though its kinda funny, Twilight provided the biggest fan service of any of the panels I attended, being the only one to actually give stuff out at any of the Hall H panels I attended.

alycakes4037d ago

That's sad...last year we got free tshirts from the movie 'Red', tshirt,mug and comic from the tv show Pysch, tshirt from tv show Burn Notice, Posters from Expendibles,Buried,Red,....and this is the stuff I can remember without looking into the box we had to ship back just from the panels we attended...not the stuff they give you in the exhitbit hall.

I guess they figure people get so much free stuff in the exhitbit hall they're cutting down on things at the panels.