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FTG-NERD Review: Captain America:The First Avenger

The final piece of the “Avengers” jigsaw puzzle has been put in place. “Captain America: The First Avenger” is the latest Marvel Comics origin story. Does the $140,000,000 blockbuster make you want to root for the good ‘ol Red, White, and Blue? Or is it just another kiddie movie made to sell slushies and toys?

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maxcavsm3551d ago

Really? I'm shocked, a 4/5? Hmmm...been hearing good things about this, may have to go see it.

Batman52733551d ago

I really enjoyed it! 3D was useless

Soldierone3551d ago

Was debating if Ill see it in 3d or not, so you have made the decision for me :P haha

FlipDock3551d ago

This tipped me off the fence, i'll go and see it (minus 3D)

alycakes3551d ago

I won't see it in 3D anyway but I'm excited togo see it. I didn't know they did Captain America movies in 1979...they were on tv yesterday. It was kind of funny...I did watch a little of it but I was too busy to watch a full one.

alycakes3551d ago

My daughter went to see it at the midnight showing and she said it was absolutely great! She's going to see it again in 3D to see if it's going to make any difference to her or not. She said it probably wouldn't but she just wants to see it anyway.

artsaber3551d ago

It looks as if some of the best entertaining movies nowadays are based off comic books. Who woulda thunk it?

Mr Patriot3550d ago Show
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