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LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Chris Evans

LRA writes: This list is in no particular order. These are just some of my favorite films that Chris Evans, the actor and star of the new film Captain America has been in over the years that I enjoyed either based solely on his performance or it was just a generally well made and/or enjoyable film that he happened to part of in a supporting capacity.

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Quagmire3738d ago

I thought Johnny Storm was a brilliant performance in F4, even if the films were meh.

He delivered on the personality, and did what needed to be done.

I personally HATED scott pilgrim (overhyped flashy hipster trash), but I agree with your number 1 choice. Sunshine was a brilliant, underrated film, and his performance was great, and believable. Wish there were more opportunities inf films for him to perform next to Cillian Murphy, their acting dynamics were superb.

Johnny Jiron3738d ago

I really liked Scott Pilgrim (tho I looked past the hipster stuff and watched the visual fun and unique way to tell a story most have gone through in life), however, I think FF4 wouldve been a better fit for this list, as, like you said, he was one of the very few enjoyable parts to those movies.

Soldierone3738d ago

I just find it funny that he went from the guy in Not Another Teen Movie to Captain America....If you said that before I would of never believed you haha.

Johnny Jiron3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

It is certainly a strange path.

A decent list, was glad to see Push on there as it seems like a now forgotten flick, but I found it enjoyable.

Sunshine was the movie that sold me on Evans being a good actor.