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Voltron Movie Announced, This Time It's For Real

CinemaBlend says:

When the first live-action Transformers movie broke out and made millions at the box office, there was a sudden rush to make movies about giant fighting robots. For awhile that meant there were several different efforts underway to turn the classic animated series Voltron: Defender of the Universe into a feature film, but nothing ever came of it. Now they’re trying again.

Relativity Media, the company behind such upcoming movies as Immortals and The Raven just informed us they’re teaming up with Atlas Entertainment to bring Voltron to the big screen.

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Crazay3740d ago

It was just a matter of time before someone noticed that a little movie called Transformers successfully hit the big screen. This could be really fun if it's done right.

Soldierone3739d ago

I just did a report on it and I wouldn't necasarily get my hopes up just yet. This movie has gone this far several times now and still falls through somehow.

I think the major concern is how they can bring it down to earth. I mean robots transforming together, first thing that comes to mind for my generation is Power Rangers lol

Hayabusa 1173738d ago

Voltron pretty much was the precursor to Power Rangers: conceptualy anyway.

Though I never liked the Voltron cartoons that much (I always prefered Battle of the Planets aka Gatchaman) I wouldn't mind a live action version at all :) Theorectially it'll be about inter-planetary invasions so it could have a much larger scale than Transformers.

Obviously they'll need to get the CGI right though...

Crazay3738d ago

Bubble up sir. Very well said.

Power Rangers was the essentially the live action TV series of Voltron.