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Total Film | Captain America Review

The final piece of the Avengers jigsaw falls efficiently into place: decent acting, decent action, a few too many “we’re all heroes inside” platitudes. But it’s no star-spangled sick-maker, either.

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Soldierone3549d ago

Personally I think this is a good example of Avengers "hurting" a movie. What I mean is look at the closure point the movie had itself, the ending it had. It would of been ground breaking and to me made the movie TEN times more powerful, and the second one would of sold easily.

However they had to continue it for Avengers sake and once that happened I lost that powerful feeling behind it. Right when the screen faded to black is when it should of ended.

Just my opinion. Its just a little nagging flaw I had and wanted to put out there.

Sahil3548d ago

Not really impressed with the acting and the movie was a bit boring in some scenes.