Hugh Jackman Reveals The Villain Of ‘Wolverine 2′

The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con is finally in full swing and there are plenty of movies, TV shows and comic books all clamoring for your attention and dollar. Besides all the panels, round table interviews and promotional boothes inside the convention center, studios also hold promotions outside the facility in the surrounding parking lots – in this case Petco Park (home to the San Diego Padres).

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alycakes3551d ago

I'm just happy there will be another Wolverine. The villian sounds interesting and will give him a good fight. As long as the good guy wins...I don't care.

DarkBlood3549d ago

he better start growing that kickass hair and beard then :P lol

alycakes3549d ago

He will...he already starting growing the muscles.....have you seen a picture of him just in the last month or so? Boy his arms are hugh! He has been getting ready for that part.