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Movie Cricket: Is CGI Ruining the Movie Industry?

Everybody loves a good Hollywood blockbuster; but have some directors and movie studios gone CGI crazy?! Movie Cricket takes a look at some directors and movies that have done just that.

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kristianzhe_13751d ago

Yes, agree, good point and view.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33750d ago

I think sometimes filmmakers become a little to complacent in their use of CG. Sure it might be more practical than a lot of other traditional methods (like building a 16:1 scale of the whitehouse only to blow it up) but there is no denying bad CG. It totally takes me out of the film.

CobraKai3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

The original Transformers cartoons were not perfect. I'm just saying.

I think there are somethings you can't win, and using a puppet, miniatures, cutaways, stop motion, and cartoons can be just as fake as bad CGI. Does anyone remember the cartoon Joker falling to his death in 89 Batman? It's all about what you allow your mind to accept. Those animatronics look just as fake to me as CGI. Sure they are there, but it's obviously not real at the same time. I allow my mind to accept it as real, and I'm fine with it. CGI or otherwise.

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