The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Poster

The first teaser poster for The Amazing Spider-Man is on display at this years Comic-Con.

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darklordzor3112d ago

Meh, kind of boring. I know it's a teaser poster, but most of the ones lately haven't been that great. I mean look at that Avengers one they released....Boring.

Soldierone3112d ago

Of all the teaser posters coming out, this one sucks...I mean I want to buy all the avengers ones, the others were friggin awesome too...this one you might as well go print off Spider-man and call it a day.

I'll wait for the next teaser poster before I go try to buy one. Hopefully that one is good.

Torkith3112d ago

Yeah, I'll be purchasing the Dark Knight Rises one, was hoping to have the Spider-man one beside it, I'm quite let down by this one, probably won't purchase it.

I haven't seen the Avengers ones yet, I'll have to take a look.

darklordzor3111d ago

It's actually worse than this. It's just a big letter "A" zoomed in...That's it.

darklordzor3111d ago

Yep, just nothing that great. At least The Dark Knight Rises one is visually appealing for multiple reasons and tries to be engaging. This is essentially just the title treatment.

alycakes3111d ago

I think the Captain America and The Avengers one will be the ones to get this year. They will be the most interesting and colorful.