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Comic-Con: First Official Posters For Sony Studios

The Collider:
With the studios always looking to grab attention at Comic-Con, Sony has unveiled the first official promotional art/posters for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Total Recall, Underworld 4, and The Amazing Spider-Man. Even though the Total Recall poster is nothing more than the logo and the word 2012, the posters for Ghost Rider are pretty cool and definitely worth checking out.

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alycakes3551d ago's all started and everyone is going crazy. Trying to get to the right line early enough so that you don't have to be the last ones in. It's harder to do then you think. The longest we waited last year was about 4 hours but it was worth it for that days panels.

Soldierone3551d ago

Its WAY harder than it sounds. It makes E3 seem like nothing to be honest. There are about a thousand people that have everything all planned out and ready to go. Right when something ends they know where to run to and when, its crazy.

It kinds sucks for people like me that don't really know where exactly to go, so we wonder around trying to find something cool.

alycakes3551d ago

That's the way we were the first time we went...wondering like lost children. Then the next time we were prepared with schedules and everything timed...boy does it make a difference. We got to do and see so much more and even got closer to the action and the actors and got some autographs. No matter what's still wild and fun.

alycakes3551d ago

By the way...there is no way you are going to see and do everything so sit down with the schedule, highlight the most important to you, and hit what you can. Then take one full day from morning til night and do the Exhibit Hall and because if you really try and catch everything in there, it takes one or two of the days but one full day does it if done right.