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Player Affinity writes: "True Blood is on a downward spiral. After a decent enough episode last week, which was still riddled with flaws, I was hoping that the show would pick itself up by the bootstraps and multiply the positives that existed in the weeks to come. Instead, it seems like Alan Ball has taken a couple of weeks off. “I’m Alive and On Fire” had so many problems that articulating them all into prose would be quite the challenge, but at its core, the episode was not an episode. Character arcs can happen separately from each other, and in fact all of the best television around works by having a diverse and interesting universe, but at this point, True Blood feels like five different shows stuttering into each other for fifty minutes."

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alycakes3750d ago

Haven't seen any of the episodes this season yet but I'm keeping up with whats going on and my neighbor doesn't seem too thrilled either. He's usually all hyped about it and hasn't had a lot to say about it this time. He's still taping them for me and I'll probably watch them when it's all over.

DarkBlood3750d ago

some good some bad well not bad for me just more questions to be answered

you could say theres a sort of a reversal role one is now an ass and the other is not lol but all in all theres a good reason for it cant wait to catch the next one online since i dont subscribe to hbo lol