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'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Extended Trailer says:

On Monday during "Teen Wolf," MTV released extended footage of the fourth season of "Jersey Shore." This time, everyone's favorite fist-pumpers will be going abroad to Florence, Italy.

"I'm going back to the motherland, "Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino says. "Back to the bloodlines of 'The Situation."

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Crazay3752d ago

Sigh....I wish I didn't love and laugh so much at this damn show.

alycakes3752d ago

Oh, I'm so saddened by this....finding out that you actually watch them. I shall pray that they don't invade your brain waves.

Crazay3751d ago

HAHAHAH!!! Thanks Aly. Someone has to pray for my soul since my grandmother left noone else will do it. =P

Raf1k13751d ago

Wow, this is crazier than anything we get in the UK.

alycakes3751d ago

So many people watch them....I just can't...sorry.

Crazay3751d ago

Don't think less of me for this Ally =P

Soldierone3751d ago

I only came here to say how much I HATE this show and

Honestly I didn't know I could be famous just by being a high school drop out with ten cans of spray-on tan on me...

Crazay3751d ago

There's lots of people who are drop outs who became filthy stinking rich. Can't fault these people for having it handed to them that's for sure.

Soldierone3751d ago

Nah I'm not. Some people are super smart, and don't really need high school. They have the ambition and capabilities to do what they want and to go get it.

This though...its like MTV set a flyer out and said "we want the most stupid people you could find" and then filmed them. I TRIED to watch something with them in it, but they are so dumb that it honestly irritates me...The odd thing is I've seen some of them outside of the show and they were not "that" stupid (with the exception of the orange girl and that douchy looking dude) and the fact they are acting is probably why it bothers me.

I was watching NY Ink and he had to tattoo a snobby girl from the show, and he hates the show and didn't put up with her snobby attitude at all. I am now a fan of NY Ink haha.

Raf1k13751d ago

The stupid ones are the ones they always look for when it comes to shows like this as it's the idiots that people enjoy watching the mose.

xVeZx3751d ago

angelina was the hottest girl on this show...i know its not saying much but whatever lol

silvacrest3751d ago

i disagree plus her personality isn't worth it in the end

im so ashamed i watch this....

Nes_Daze3751d ago

I watched jersey shore before, and I will watch this one. Why? Well I think they have some humour to them, in a sick pathetic way. On paper it is the most pathetic thing, but it actually has some entertainment value, the sad part are the fans of jersey shore that talk about the episodes the next day in class.

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The story is too old to be commented.