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Top Cow’s 'The Darkness' May Get Film Treatment After All

The Collider Writes:
With Comic-Con just around the corner, now is the time to get anything that is comic related out into the open. That in mind, the latest in a flurry of news is that Mandeville Films wants to adapt Top Cow’s The Darkness into a live-action film. The popular comic has had many false starts in Hollywood, but Mandeville thinks the time is finally right. 24 Frames confirmed the deal and reports that the Walt Disney-affiliated production house is ready to diversify and build on the success of last year’s The Fighter and their upcoming release of The Muppets. With over 115 books and 25 million copies sold, The Darkness has a dedicated following that has already led to a successful video game and upcoming sequel in October. For more on the property and an introduction to what The Darkness is all about, hit the jump.

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alycakes3751d ago

I like this idea a lot...bring it on.