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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were in Classic Movies and Shows

Unreality Mag says:

Unless you’re Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit or Joel Courtney in Super 8, chances are if you’re an actor, not everyone saw you in your earliest work, and you had to take some more minor roles in order to finally get noticed.

This collection shows a number of actors in some of their earliest acting gigs, and a lot of them popped up in classic movies or shows and you just didn’t realize who they were at the time. Some of these will mess with your mind, and make you want to go back and rewatch the films to catch their appearances.

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Crazay3752d ago

I like reading lists like this. Kinda like looking for easter eggs with some of my favorite movies and TV shows.

Arcee3751d ago

Agreed. I love looking up some of my favorite actors' and actresses' bios to see what early stuff they have been in and go and find them in it.

alycakes3751d ago

Hey, I like these a lot and I remember most of them too. If you get a chance look up a movie called 'Coma' with Michael Douglas, Genevieve Bujold, and Richard Widmark made in 1978.

Tom Selleck made his debut in this movie...if you blink you might miss him but he has a small but memorable short part in it. It's also a good suspense thriller.

Lord_Sloth3750d ago

Holy shit Alba was in Alex Mac? I used to adore that show when I was in 3rd grade!