Total Film | 50 Best Movie Kisses

Pucker Up! Cinema's most luscious liplocks.

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alycakes3751d ago

The best, hottest most exciting and passionate, sexiest, OMG! Where's my husband...kiss ever is not in this list. I am very disappointed...I can't say how disappointed.

Soldierone3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

You failed to mention what kiss you are talking about :P haha

The site loads too slow for each page, so I lost interest after looking at like ten of them....

alycakes3750d ago

I didn't fail to mention...just didn't want to mention. Actually it was on a prime time weekly series. There was no nudity involved. It was just that the two characters had gone so long denying their feelings and actually almost hating each other that when it finally did happen it was one of the hottest sex scenes I've ever seen. You'd have to see it but some would just think I was crazy unless they actually watched it but it's not on anymore.

DarkBlood3751d ago

theres nothing like hot naked kissing with no sex involved holding each other firmly like embracing the moment errrrrr that was 2 or so years ago with my first gf

*coughs* *coughs* anyways im going to keep staying single despite how good it would feel again *shivers* lol