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What The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Tells Us It's Doing Different From Raimi - Yep, It's Twilight

CinemaBlend says:

This morning the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man leaked online, in a fairly high-quality bootleg format. Sony Pictures moved quickly to eradicate it from the internet, and that’s fine, since they’re sure to release an official version soon. Though it vanished quickly, the trailer was online long enough for us to learn a few things about the nature of this worrisome reboot.

For instance, we now know that all those really awful sounding Spider-Man trailer descriptions being pedaled as scoops around the internet were completely wrong. The teaser bears no resemblance to those reports, they were false. That’s actually good news, since most of those made this sound like some sort of rehash of all the things we’ve already seen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, and that never made sense.

We also now have a feel for Sony’s new take on the character. Guess what? They’re trying to turn Spider-Man into Batman.

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CobraKai3746d ago

I hating this. Hating it soooo much. Reboot or not, it just doesn't capture the spirit of Spider-man.

Soldierone3746d ago

I think this is going too far with the assumptions...I normally enjoy reading articles here, but even the guys I work with are saying this stuff.

First off I am a HUGE Spider-Man fan and mostly its due to the cartoon series, which have portrayed Spider-man correctly almost everytime.

I personally was hoping that the movie would follow The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series because that series was done almost perfectly.

The thing is this is only a trailer, its only showing you the origin. People like dark things, thats why they took the dark moments. With the first person view I see it getting better though. Hopefully the entire movie isn't this dark, thats what I dont want. You are Spider-man how the hell are you a debby downer because of that?

Also "lack of love interest" then why is Gwen in it? lol

The first person view was awesome. I don't see them using it the entire movie. I see them using it when he first officially becomes Spider-Man to get that feeling across that "hey this is awesome, this is spider-man" and thats it.

Anyone that wanted it or expected it to be exactly like Raimi's work doesn't understand the logic of reboots then. Its supposed to be different, and thats what we got. Yes I HOPE that it isn't all dark, but Im very excited to see more and was happy with what I got.

Crazay3746d ago

I'm good with it being a little darker and maybe even a little broody. as long as he doesn't sparkle and we're not bored to tears with 3/4 of the movie being an origin story cause that would eat ass. As for the 1st person perspective stuff, I thought it looked sharp and being that this is being shot in 3D should make that scene pop really nice.

I know I know you hate 3D.

Soldierone3746d ago

Actually I Do hate 3D, but the second that scene popped up I thought "this would be badass in 3d" lol, which proves they did something right.

I have nothing wrong with it being "darker" but the trailer was super dark. Hopefully thats only the first half of the movie, if that. Once he becomes Spider-man it shouldn't be that dark. Not unless its a Venom storyline, which its not.

Nes_Daze3746d ago

The worst part of the other spiderman movies for me was Toby Macguire. Seeing that this one would have Garfield made me have high hopes, and I still do. Yes, it might turn out to be an origin movie,but for once I might be able to take spiderman seriously.

Quagmire3745d ago

Since when was Spiderman ever serious? He's a teenage spider in red spandex, as portrayed in kids comics, cartoons, video games and toys.

Lord_Sloth3745d ago

And that, Quagmire, is why I have never enjoyed Spider-man. I enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd Raimi movies and I might actually like him this time around as well, but I've never liked him outside of the movies.

Course, I never hated him until One More Day.

Nes_Daze3745d ago

Well the same can be said for almost all superheroes. Just look at the comics, if we tried to stay as true as possible to the comics with films, the movies would be a joke. I think directors can find a healthy balance between the two. One of the reasons I enjoyed Spiderman 3 probably more than the second was because of the dark tone that it possessed due to venom. Too bad most of the film consisted of Kristen Dunst's horrible acting. :/

coolfool3745d ago

I don't mind dark but there is a difference between an edgy tim burton style darkness and a brooding melodramatic teen angst kind of darkness. If it has to be dark then I hope it's the former but it's looking more like the latter.