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The Daily Rotation - Insidious Blu-ray Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "James Wan nails the creepy atmosphere with Insidious. The film is flawed, mainly because it never figures out exactly what it wants to be, but it still works on most levels because of this perfect atmosphere. From the screeching song that plays over the opening credits to last 25 minutes of a darkly lit and fog induced haunted house, Insidious establishes itself as a creepy horror film that chooses to rely on its thick atmosphere and excellent performances, instead of your usual blood and gore."

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SRC3742d ago

As much as I went in expecting ot hate this movie, I actually loved the shit out of it. I'll pick it up one day soon.

DarkBlood3742d ago

is that a lizard or something cuz that actually looks creepy lol

Megaton3742d ago

What's with Darth Maul in the background?