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Riddick 3 Art Revealed

Coming Soon says:

Planning for a mid-September shoot, Vin Diesel is set to return to one of his most popular characters with Riddick (labeled Riddick 3 below). As a birthday present to Diesel, writer/director David Twohy sent along a piece of concept art that the actor shared with fans via his Facebook page along with the following message:

Wow, thank you all for the many wonderful birthday wishes, great videos, images, music and words...

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Crazay3747d ago

I always thought Riddick was one of the best anti-heros in film. I'm really excited to see him back on the screen.

Quagmire3746d ago

Agreed, I cant wait. Hope the director goes back to the low budget gritty feel of the first film (make the CGI better though, Pitch Black had some pretty cheesy effects, yet Chronicles had way too much).

Focus on the character of Riddick more, maybe about his past, his race, and hopefully they can make a good story out of that. Dont make him dependant on other people, and dont make people dependant on him. He is a lone wolf, a warrior, and that pic perfectly shows it (despite that badass looking pet dog)

alycakes3746d ago

Yeah, I'm ready for another Riddick. I liked Pitch Black and the Chronicles too. I heard there was another one but I never saw another one.

grifter0243746d ago

It was a animated show I think talking about what happened from the time the movie ended in Pitch Black to the time he got to Butcher Bay.

I agree with you guys though he is one of the only anti-heroe's that people like.

Johns in Pitch Black was really good as well since he was very neutral the whole way through until the climax.

I think Riddick needs more screen time alone though so the audience realizes he does things his way and by himself but helps people that are worthy.

JL3746d ago

Could definitely go for some more Riddick. The character is definitely a nice anti-hero. Diesel isn't a great actor by any stretch of the imagination, but this role suits him well and fits him to a T really.