The Daily Rotation - Take Me Home Tonight Blu-ray Review

Wilson of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Topher Grace plays Matt Franklin, a college graduate who has no idea what he is going to do with his life. He works at Sun Coast video, so he has that going for him. Matt has no motivation to do anything with his life but reminisce on missed opportunities. That being said, he notices his high school crush Tori Fredercking, played by Teresa Palmer, approaching the store. Naturally, Matt ditches out the back door and tosses his work clothes and re-enters Sun Coast nonchalantly. They start chatting and catching up on their lives. In the works, Matt stretches the truth a little, telling Tori he is works at Goldman Sachs. The show moves on after they plan on meeting up at a party later in the night."

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SRC3556d ago

I'll definitely be snagging this one sometime soon.