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‘The Hunger Games’ Exclusive Motion Poster Revealed

Yahoo Movies:
"Harry Potter" cast his last spell this weekend, and there are only two more bites of "The Twilight Saga" left. But thankfully there's a new film adaptation of a hugely popular book series on its way to create another fan sensation. It's "The Hunger Games," based on the first novel of the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Take a look at the exclusive motion poster featuring a brand-new (and highly combustible) logo based on the story's iconic mockingjay pin.

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alycakes3742d ago

I love it and I'm one of the fans that is very excited and happy that the time is getting closer and closer to seeing this movie. I hope it's as good as the book.

JL3741d ago

Never read the books, but this does sound like an interesting project that I'm looking forward to seeing more about.

That poster is pretty cool. I'm pretty sure they've done the whole animated poster before, but this is the first one I've actually looked at and it's pretty cool.

alycakes3741d ago

The books are turning out to be pretty good. I'm done with the second. I haven't started the 3rd one yet because I get such headaches but I've got to soon so I can find out what happens...they just leave you hanging. I can't wait much longer.