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FTG-Nerd: Why “Should” I Have Read the Harry Potter Books?

The last Harry Potter film has finally come out, and this inevitably means one thing: a bunch of twats spoiling the ending and justifying it with “Well, you should have read the books.”

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maxcavsm3554d ago

Damn yeah. You should have read the books; great film and all.

Batman52733554d ago

When did you see the movie?

Batman52733554d ago

I agree you shouldn't have to read the books.

Do you know how many people go into movies like Thor, Green Lantern or Xmen First Class and have no idea the back story. Some people are not readers. I am not a reader. I like visuals and cinema. Books are not visual.

So how many people would be mad if I told them that Sinestro was actually a bad guy? Maybe I should have told them that they are dumb for not reading the comics.

Skyliner123554d ago

If there is one thing I hate above all other things, it's people who spoil crap. Stop that. You're not funny, you're not amusing. Nobody likes you.

So this feels like it shouldn't even be an issue. But personally, yeah. Go read the books. Because they're even better, tbh.

DarkBlood3553d ago

could be my learning disability or my hard of hearing disability but from that im a visual memory kind of person while i could read the books i dont because most chances i wont remeber the words but i'll visually remember reading the book but the words are faded out in my memory

if that makes any sense lol