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The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

The trailer is supposedly set to release at Comic-Con this week but if you’re eager to get a first look at the film, you can check out a bootleg version which has leaked online. It looks fantastic!

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Crazay3753d ago

Dude - I love that you got this posted here but is there any reason to do so before it's officially launched? Sony is going to pull it down.

crxss3752d ago

least we know the Playstation 4 font!

Crazay3752d ago


That's very funny man.

subtenko3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Oh I thought this was a game xD

p.s. 0:30 DEAD ISLAND music anyone!?! Spiderman has zombies now. LOL

and I agree on the PS4 font. That spiderman font looks different, it looks pretty good too, so I nominate it for being a ps4 font unless anyone else suggest another type.

Crazyglues3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Ok at first I was like ok this is going to be Lame how many times can you tell the same story over and over again...

-But then we go to Spiderman jumping off the building and wow, that looked amazing, suddenly I was like ok hell yeah, this could be awesome.. wow

they did the whole web thing like Mirrors Edge just going FPS style and it looks Awesome.. I felt like I was standing on that building getting ready to jump..

This might just be the best Spiderman yet.. Amazing job.. wow

The balls in their court to do something awesome now tell that story in a way it's never been done before.. So far the First Person View is a really nice touch... Looks Amazing

Never thought that would play such a big part, but it absolutely feels amazing.. and looks Awesome, so far they are doing an amazing job, Can't wait to check this One out..

Yi-Long3752d ago

... the dude looks way too old/mature to play a teenage Peter Parker, especially if there will be a pt 2 and pt 3 and so on...

Also, it just looks too dark, too serious, too 'emo'.

I think it looks horrible.

I wish they would just do these kind of movies COMPLETELY in CGI so you can stay MUCH closer to the original story and character-design, as well as work quicker and for a lower budget, so they could put the focus much more on telling more and better stories.

Kyle12123753d ago

wow, i'm blown away. amazing.
the only part i hated was the first person part. That would be awesome for a game but please please please keep it out of the movie!

DarkBlood3753d ago

i think its too late sir lol beside this is the one without web, he cant go webbing out of his watch all the time till it runs out :P

Daver3752d ago

that view is gonna be nice in 3D

xVeZx3753d ago

it looks alittle more serious....i wish i saw that avengers trailer that was posted yesterday that got leaked also but that got taken down...

RELIGHT3752d ago

Agreed. I will hold my opinion for now

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The story is too old to be commented.