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Harry Potter: How the Boy Wizard Beat Batman -- Or Did He?

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt 2' has beaten out 'The Dark Knight' for the top grossing opening weekend. But was it a "fair" win?

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CobraKai3750d ago

2011 ticket prices are around $8? Where the hell is this place. Here in LA it's about $13, and that isn't in 3D.

gaden_malak3750d ago

We pay $16-$18 in Australia.

CobraKai3750d ago

Oh man that sucks. I wonder how they got $8 as an average price, cuz it sure as hell doesn't seem so average.

DarkBlood3750d ago

over here in canada but to be specfic ontario, oshawa

a regular movie is 10 dollars for 3D its 13 $

every tuesday its 5 and for 3D on tuesdays its 8 $