9 Things You Need To Know About The Marvel Universe Before Seeing Captain America

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In 2008, Marvel Studios embarked on an incredibly ambitious project. Starting with Iron Man, the company began releasing a series of superhero movies based on their own properties that would eventually be tied together in the team-up movie The Avengers in 2012. The drawback, however, is that not everyone in the world is as obsessed with the characters as their key fanbase and while the films do cater to a wide audience, there are always going to be details that leave sections of the movie-going public saying, “Huh? The good news is that I’m here to help.

Just as I did prior to the release of Iron Man 2 and Thor, I’ve crafted yet another handy guide to the Marvel universe, this time for Captain America: The First Avenger, which comes out this Friday. If you still have no idea what the Cosmic Cube is or who the hell the Howling Commandos are, read on below for the full scoop.

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Batman52733752d ago

Very good article. I already knew a lot of the facts, but I still did learn a couple things. Great read!

Crazay3752d ago

I knew very little. I liked the article too which is why it's here.

MinimeJer053752d ago

Good article. Thanks for this! Learned a bit more to prepare myself for Captain America tomorrow!

Soldierone3752d ago

Was rather interesting, however being an origin story I would hope the movie itself would explain some of this stuff.

If you really want to get an early feel for Captain America play the game. It did a lot of things right and introduces a lot of other characters. I heard the movie mostly focuses on Red Skull, he doesn't appear till midway to the end of the game.

Crazay3751d ago

The one that just came out?

Soldierone3751d ago

Yeah I just finished it. Its a really good game, I would highly suggest it to anyone thats a Captain America fan.

Arcee3751d ago

Wasn't Wolverine a member of the Howling Commandos only in the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon? I am a huge fan of the old comic and don't ever remember seeing Wolverine as a member. He fought alongside them as part of the Canadian Special Forces in WWII, but not as a member.

The same with Bucky. He was always Captain America's sidekick as he enlisted in the army at age 16. After impressing his commanders, he was presented to Cap as his partner and he remained so until the day of his apparent death.

Or are these facts from the Captain America movie?

alycakes3751d ago

You may be right about both versions Arcee. There were two or three versions written up in the earlier comics. It would take some research but I'll bet you would come up with both stories.

Arcee3751d ago

I have read most of the Howling Commandos stories and I love it in recent stories where James Howlett/Logan is teaming with them or with Cap on missions, especially regarding the Black Widow.

As with Bucky, I know he was part of the Kid Commandos, but they were more associated with the Invaders than Nick Fury's group.

I could be wrong, with so many stories featuring everyone involved, I may have missed one or two, but as far as I or anyone on my staff know that is how it is.

Soldierone3751d ago

You are right from what I can tell. The Avengers change so much that its hard to follow at times. Wolverine is similar to Spider-man I think, in which he appears to help out but never officially joins the Avengers.

The other groups are the side heroes, as it works just like Justice Society. Where they never have their own series of comics etc....

Arcee3751d ago

Yeah, it changes so much, and with all the retconning Marvel has done over the past ten years...

As of about 5 or six years ago though, both Spidey and Wolverine has been active members of the Avengers. More so Spidey than Wolverine. Actually, it is quite impressive how important Spidey is to the Avengers often times being the heart of the team.

But that is another discussion altogether.