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Dolph Lundgren Talks Expendables 2

MovieCricket writes:
Moviecrickets editor James recently spoke to the living legend that is Dolph Lundgren and managed to get a few juicy details about Dolph’s up and coming movies including The Expendables 2 the hit to Stallone’s ‘greatest action movie ever made'.

Dolph spoke regarding a space in his schedule he is keeping open in September to direct his own picture called Skin Trade but if Stallone is ready he will put the project on hold while Expendables 2 shoots.

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bigsyuk3747d ago

Such a cool guy, can't wait for Expendables 2, he was by far the best thing about the first!

jimstallone3747d ago

I come in peace. And you leave in pieces ASSHOLE! Every film needs more Dolph they guys a legend

bigsyuk3747d ago

He needs to do more comedies, hes a funny guy and one of few thats pumped up and can still make you laugh

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The story is too old to be commented.