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Will Batman Die In The Dark Knight Rises?

IGN: It's three years to the day since The Dark Knight hit theatres and changed the way comic book movies are made. While that isn't a milestone to celebrate per se, it is important to note that the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises hit today as well.

To mark the occasion, IGN is kicking off this new Batman-centric column, which looks at all the questions and speculation out there that occurs whenever any piece of news about the film breaks. First up: Will Chris Nolan kill Batman in Dark Knight Rises?

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MinimeJer053753d ago

Batman won't die! Although it would be interesting if he did..

Soldierone3753d ago

I'm honestly losing all interest in IGN...I work with better writers than pretty much everyone on IGN.

The article has little to no depth to it. Simply because it calls Batman a legend...doesn't even talk about the Bane comic book storyline. For starters doing the slightest bit of research, Batman never died...Superman did. Batman had his back broken and was put out of commission, and didn't want to come back. Thus the trailer has PLENTY of quotes leading to that, and Nolan could pull the same move without hurting Batman.

Another example of poor writing from IGN...this is a friggin review.

Honestly if I pull that on either site I work for I'd be fired....

MinimeJer053752d ago

While I can't comment on the quality of the writing (because I'm not the greatest writer myself, but I'm trying!) I can say that it does seem low in quality for a mega site like IGN. I'd expect a bit more from them.

CobraKai3752d ago

I think we will actually see Batman broken and return at the end. In the trailer, it can almost seem like Bruce is in a wheelchair, talking to Gordon in the hospital.

Soldierone3752d ago

I don't think he's talking to Batman. He's talking to someone else that will end up talking to Batman.

Also remember Catwoman is in this movie, which should be a huge clue on where the story will go.

CobraKai3752d ago

Good point. Do you think that's him doing the push-ups? Cuz it can give the appearance of him going through some kind of rehabilitation.

DarkBlood3752d ago

if thats true i wonder if gordon will know who batman is

meganick3752d ago

Why even speculate? Let's enjoy the movie when it comes out without spoiling things beforehand.

Brownghost3752d ago

i will love the movie more if bane breaks batmans back

Quagmire3752d ago

Agreed, for various reasons. It will be a shock and unexpected ending for non-hardcore fans, seeing a superhero reverting back the status of an average or below average human being, it will also be one of the rare times in which we see a villain win, and also hardcore fans will know this plot to be true to the comics.

Although, as to whether the studio will want to continue Nolan's story after he's gone, or reboot it is quite uncertain. This factor will determine whether or not Nolan stays true to his word of Robin's appearance (or lack thereof) in the film.

Brownghost3743d ago

at least someone read knightfall thank you. also i hear that batman is just a trilogy and end of it :( i bet some average producer is going to reboot it and ruin the franchise

frelyler3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Called this already. Also, you can't kill an idea and/or symbol, but you can kill the person behind it. Bruce Wayne will die in this third film or be unable to take up the mantle again. The symbol of Batman however will be able to carry on somehow. Either through memory and the citizens will take back the city like Wayne wanted from the get go. Or someone else will carry the legacy. I have already said it but look at the story of Jesus and then the Batman films. Wayne found himself in the first one after some stumbling like Jesus did ( some of the stories not in the bible confirm this). Then in the second movie he is tempted by pure evil, the joker much like Jesus in the desert. Finally in the last act of Jesus's life he sacrificed himself to save everyone else. Sounds weird but it fits. My money is on Wayne going down somehow.

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