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Universal Won't Scale Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower;'

Deadline says:

The moment has come for Universal Pictures to fish or cut bait on The Dark Tower, the ultra-ambitious adaptation of the Stephen King 7-novel series that was going to encompass a trilogy of feature films and two limited run TV series. The studio has said, No Thanks. Universal has passed on going forward with the project, dealing a huge blow in the plan for Ron Howard to direct Akiva Goldsman's script, with Brian Grazer, Goldsman and the autor producing and Javier Bardem starring as gunslinger Roland Deschain. Now, the filmmakers will have to find a new backer of what might well be the most ambitious movie project since Bob Shaye allowed Peter Jackson to shoot three installments of The Lord of the Rings back to back.

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Crazay3743d ago

Aww now this is some pretty shitty news. I was really looking forward to it.

darklordzor3742d ago

I knew it. While I hate it, I really saw this coming. The problem is the scope of the project. It's just a really big risk.

I've always said what they really need to do is just make a Gunslinger movie. The first book was designed to be standalone and it would make for a phenomenal movie. Then if it's successful, start going into the full series. Trying to do it all at once is too big for one studio to really commit to. They're too afraid.

Oh well, Ron Howard and co still have good scripts to walk around with, so now it's time to see who picks them up. My guess is Warner Bros.

They are sitting high on the hog right now, and since Harry Potter is over, why not pick up another movie series based off of incredibly successful books?

Crazay3742d ago

That's who was kinda sitting in my mind as the next potential studio. Afterall, their wallets are fat with HP $$$ and as you pointed out, it's over now so they must be looking ahead to their next cash cow.

darklordzor3742d ago

Yep, that's who made the most sense to me, but you never know.

Garethvk3742d ago

Kings movies do not do well at the box office usually and it is better suited as a mini series so I could see it.

Crazay3742d ago

That's a good point - they don't and perhaps a mini series is best but then it will no doubt need to be somewhere other than a standard player like ABC, or NBC. Someone like AMC, HBO or Sho should do it.

Garethvk3742d ago

Exactly. They are looking at a huge investment so I can see why they are nervous over doing multiple films.

alycakes3742d ago

Well, I'm disappointed anyway. I was really looking forward to this. Now I have to break down and read the books. I was hoping to avoid that on these...I've still got a couple I need to summer is getting shorter by the minute.

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