Can 'Harry Potter' Finally Crack Oscar's Best Picture Race?

Deadline says:

This weekend Harry Potter proved he can rule the worldwide boxoffice in a big way but can he wave his magic wand at the Academy and get a Best Picture nomination to put a cherry on the Potter pie?

"The Academy has never really favored us in that way before. I'm just happy that people seem to be liking the movie," David Yates, director of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II told me on the eve on Potter's phenomenal opening. Last week I also asked the same question of Chris Columbus , director of the first two Harry Potter flicks.

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Crazay3753d ago

I have to say probably not. If they give it a nod purely based on the fact that this movie series is totally over, then the Academy is more screwed up then I originally thought. If the movie is truly deserving of the nomination then I'm all for it but I can't see how after 7 movies it's suddenly the worthy of the nomination.

alycakes3752d ago

You are so right...the academy has never honored movies like this anyway. They might notice the cinematography or the musical score...something like that but never the movie itself.