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Bad Santa Writers Give Their Blessing To The Sequels Being Made Without Them

CinemaBlend says:

Since writing the screenplay for 2003's Bad Santa, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa have gone on to team up as directors, first writing and directing the screenplay for the dark comedy I Love You Phillip Morris, and now releasing their second film together Crazy Stupid Love, in theaters next week. I talked to them today about that movie, and with news of a potential Bad Santa trilogy floating around, I had to ask the guys about their feelings seeing the characters they created revived for another go-round. Ficarra and Requa are not involved in any of the Bad Santa sequel plans, but as you'll read, they'll benefit from it anyway. Here's how the conversation went:

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Crazay3554d ago

I need to see more from Willie. bad Santa is one our absolute Christmas faves.

MinimeJer053554d ago

Wow, they're all over the place as writers. Bad Santa, Phillip Morris and Crazy Stupid Love? So random!

Crazay3554d ago

I call that diversity.

MinimeJer053553d ago

Yeah, which is good! Bad Santa and Phillip Morris are more on par than Crazy Stupid Love though.

The first two are great dark comedies and the later looks passable.