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TheGameEffect | Breaking Bad: "Box Cutter" Review


Breaking Bad has returned once again, picking back up from the exact place it left off in the suspenseful last seconds of Season Three. There is already a slightly different feel to this season than those that came before it -- though much of this impression may be due to the fact that a majority of this episode took place in an artificially lit subterranean lab -- even the opening segment was a departure from what had become Vince Gilligan's modus operandi (opening each episode with bizarre abstract images, hints of what was to come later in the episode and the rest of the season)

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Megaton3752d ago

Meh, it was alright. Extremely predictable. As soon as that one guy was asked whether or not he was seen at the crime scene, I knew exactly how the other half of the episode was gonna play out, and it did nearly identically to how I expected.