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Spy Kids 4D and Piranha 3DD are Not Shot in 3D but Converted 3D

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a release which confirms the two movies are converted 3D which opposes earlier reports that the movies would be shot in 3D.

The article also shows how studios love this practice as it is cost effective compared to filming in 3D.

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Quagmire3742d ago

if they're not gonna put the effort into shooting it in 3D, then Im not gonna put the effort into watching their films.

Although...I was never going to watch either films in the first place.

Garethvk3742d ago

That is a great point. I believe firmly that the film companies need to state on ads and posters if the movie was shot in 3D or not so we can make an informed decision. What gets me so upset is that they both said they were shooting in 3D and then how proud they are of the conversion process and call it and exciting new tech.

Garethvk3742d ago

I want to see Hoff get taken out in true 3D.