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Willy Wonka 40th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Comes With A Golden Ticket

CinemaBlend says:

I’ve never seen a sweeter set in the world than Warner Home Video’s 40th Anniversary Edition of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It looks like a board game with candy playing pieces and customized pencils for keeping score. It’s really a Blu-Ray/DVD combo set with a hell of a lot of quant, or gimmicky, or undeniably extraordinary extras. I want it and a golden goose, now!

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alycakes3742d ago

I liked the movie but I can't honestly say that to me it was a classic that I can sit and watch over and over. Love Gene Wilder too. The character and scenery also very colorful but it just wasn't something for me.

Even as much as I love Johnny Depp...his version...saw it once and that was enough.