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Neil Burger Talks 'Uncharted: The Movie

Crave Online says:

The director of Uncharted isn't using David O. Russell's screenplay, and isn't even thinking about casting Nathan Fillion yet.

Now that Limitless director Neil Burger has taken over Uncharted, the adaptation of Sony's popular treasure hunting videogame franchise, we all have questions to ask. Is he going to be keeping any of previous director David O. Russell's work? Will he listen to the internet fervor to cast Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake? And what makes Uncharted different from Indiana Jones or National Treasure? In our interview with the director for this week's DVD/Blu-Ray release of Limitless (look for it tomorrow), he had this to say:

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Crazay3753d ago

Funny how everyone seems to be more and more optimistic about this movie series now that David O'Russell is off. He better make sure that Marky Mark is off this project.

Quagmire3753d ago

The new director made Limitless, so I wouldnt mind if he brough Bradley Cooper back along, he is a perfect match for Nathan Drake, not facial wise, but definitely has the personality

Crazay3753d ago

Haven't seen Limitless though I am interested in it I can't disagree with you more about casting Bradley Cooper as Nathan Drake. I can't see him in that role at all. Mind you, I'm not sold on all the Nathan Fillion talk for the role either.

darklordzor3753d ago

I'm more excited mostly because this guy actually seems to know the videogame pretty well. In David O. Russell's interviews it sounded like he had never played the damn games, and if he did, he didn't think games were a strong enough storytelling platform and needed help.

This guys really sounds like he gets the game and understands how cinematic it already was. I'm way more excited than I was.

Crazay3753d ago

I fully agree with you DLZ - Seems to me that this guy just may do the franchise justice and create a viable movie series that fans of the game and movie goers alike will love.

alycakes3753d ago

Don't know the game but the movie sounds like a good idea. Bradly Cooper...not so much. I like him okay but not for what this seems to be.