Official The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Finally Online

From TMP:

After enduring months of rumors and then one very packed week of leaks and speculation, Warner Bros has finally dropped the first trailer for Nolan’s third (and final) Batman flick.

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darklordzor3753d ago

Embed is coming as soon as possible. Right now it's only available through the Facebook Page.

darklordzor3753d ago

Hmmm, well apparently I can't update this article now, but I've found a working embed. WB is working on providing me with the trailer, so it should be uploaded for us in a bit, but here's one from MovieWeb that's working.

CobraKai3753d ago

It looks like he hasn't changed the Bat-suit from part 2. There's something terrifying about the fact that Batman is stepping backwards to Bane. Nolan is a master at what he does.

darklordzor3753d ago

Agreed. It's really the first time we've ever seen Batman look so vulnerable and afraid. He's normally so confident and strong, but he's never had such a physically imposing adversary either. I can't wait to see how it all plays out. Hopefully we'll get a pic of Catwoman before too long.

Sarobi3753d ago

It look's like the Bat has finally met his match

ASSASSYN 36o3752d ago

LOL we will see about that.

darklordzor3753d ago

All right, I've updated to add a few pics from the trailer as well, so now let's pick it apart!

I just have a couple questions:

1) Who is that doing push-ups in the cell?
2) Who is the guy standing in the background during that final scene?

Some people are saying that the person doing push-ups is a young Bane (who in the comics grew up in a prison). I can see how that's likely, but at first glance I really thought it was Bruce Wayne. Now I'm not so sure.

As for that guy in the background...I'm totally stumped. There are some crazy theories fans are putting out there (that it's Riddler or somehow a Joker cameo), but I can't seem to put my finger on it. It looks like he's holding a gun, though who knows who it is meant for.

Damn you Chris Nolan!

Soldierone3753d ago

I wonder if the guy in the background was a mistake? I mean he is fat, so I thought perhaps its penguin but he would be wearing a black suit with a cane....

Then I thought maybe he snuck robin in there, but wouldn't he be more in shape?

The push up guy has to be young bane, its the first thing that came to mind.

CobraKai3753d ago

Maybe it's just a guard. Maybe Batman and Bane are supposed to fight to the death and no one is supposed to interrupt, so they got guards all over the place.

gaden_malak3753d ago

I thought he looked like he was holding a rifle.

CobraKai3753d ago

Yeah. Maybe he works for Ra's Al Ghul. Using the rifle to keep both of them in check.

LtSkittles3753d ago

This was awesome. I love the way it has scenes from Begins, Ra's voiceover, scenes from TDK, and new scenes. I'm glad to say I never doubted Christopher Nolan, and can say that this teaser makes it that much better. Come December I'm sure we'll get a theatrical trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.