Movie Cricket: Top 10 Anime Movies

Movie Cricket writes:
Check out our resident Anime experts list of the top 10 Anime movies of all time.

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fluidmint3753d ago

Pretty good list, even though I would of put Ninja Scroll as number 1!

Yi-Long3752d ago

...more a list of the best-known anime movies here in the west, instead of 'the best'.

Where's Summer Wars? Where's Voices of a Distant Star? Where's 5cm per second? Where's Sword of the Stranger?

fluidmint3752d ago

If you read it says the list it's was scored upon personal opinion and overall popularity. It doesn't mean the movies are the best to everybody.

Arcee3752d ago

Nice list. A little too heavy with Ghibli titles, but a good list. As for the top 3, my list would actually be

3. Ninja Scroll
2. Akira
1. Grave of the Fireflies

jimstallone3752d ago

Lot of love for Ninja scroll. Howles moving castle gets my vote it's just so epic.

Lord_Sloth3752d ago

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust should have been on the list itself instead of just an honorable mention.


mrmikew20183752d ago

Yes I agree, Sword of the Stranger was damn near excellent

Lord_Sloth3752d ago

I still haven't gotten to see that. My copy won't work. =___=

NovusTerminus3752d ago

Vampire Hunter D should be up there.

And I would put Kara No Kyoukai on the list as well. Might have been my favorite anime movie even though there are seven of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.